About the OVEC Bloggers

Janet Keating, OVECs Executive Director: Janet oversees the day-to-day operation of OVEC and is responsible for reporting to our Board of Directors and implementing policies the board sets. One of Janets primary responsibilities is raising foundation funding for OVEC. Janet helps prepare grant proposals and reports. She nurtures and maintains relationships with foundation program officers and researches new grant opportunities.

Janet, along with OVECs Administrative Director, maintains a watchful eye over OVECs finances. Janet networks with many groups at the state and national level and serves on the steering committee of The Alliance for Appalachia, The CLEAN (Citizens Leading for Energy Action Now) and Christians for the Mountains. She also serves on the Government Concerns Committee of the West Virginia Council of Churches. Contact Janet at 304-522-0246 or janet@ohvec.org.

Robin Blakeman, Special Event and Membership Committee Organizer: Robin is the staff coordinator for the Membership and Grassroots Fundraising Committee, which has a goal of increasing grassroots funding and involvement. This committee also initiated the Sustainer Drive and seeks ways to inspire deeper and more meaningful involvement amongst all OVEC members. The committee shapes many of OVECs special events.

Robin is involved in our Cemetery Preservation Group, which educates West Virginia citizens about their rights related to family and community cemeteries. The groups 2010 campaign resulted in passage of legislation that improves WV cemetery protection. Robin also coordinates OVEC members participation in the annual Week in Washington (DC) lobbying event.

She works with leaders in faith communities across the state and region to raise awareness about justice issues related to strip mining, water pollution and free speech. Contact Robin at 304-840-4877 or robin@ohvec.org.

Andrew Munn, Community Organizer, Fayetteville area, and Sludge Safety Project Staff Coordinator: Andrew is the OVEC staff coordinator for the Sludge Safety Project, www.sludgesafety.org, which is a community-led organizing and lobbying project. SSP is a joint project of OVEC, Coal River Mountain Watch and various West Virginia community members. SSP works with residents concerned about the impacts of underground slurry injection, the potential safety concerns of multi-billion gallon sludge impoundments and toxic coal wastes long-term effects on our public health, water resources and environment. Andrew is also working to coordinate citizen efforts to oppose strip mining permits, in Fayette county and surrounding areas. Andrew has also been a leader in Appalachia Rising events.

SSPs efforts with these communities include organizing, lobbying the West Virginia State Legislature for a slurry ban, research and advocacy with allied organizations, outreach and informational tabling, media work and much more. Andrew can let you know about events and projects in the other areas of his work.  Contact Andrew:  304-924-1506 or andrew@ohvec.org.

Vivian Stockman, Media Outreach and Communications Specialist: Vivian is frequently in the field with writers, photographers and filmmakers. OVEC makes media outreach a priority, from local to international news outlets. We connect journalists with our members in their home communities. When media outlets carry news and photos about our members and our issues, we reach potential new members (building our base of power). We inform a broad audience and stir people to action. Hundreds of stories covering the work of our members, volunteers, staff and board appear in the media each year. Vivian also edits our newsletter, the Winds of Change. Each day, she collects and posts onto the OVEC website news relevant to our work. She also develops content for the website and is responsible for sending out Action Alerts whenever important events are happening. If you would like to join our Action Alert list, go to www.ohvec.org and click on Action Alerts.  Contact Vivian at 304-360-1979 or vivian@ohvec.org.

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