Jul 112014

Now is the time to get involved in the Our Children Our Future campaign to help bring an end to child poverty in West Virginia.  Environmental pollution, which brings negative health effects, and the rising costs of energy are directly linked to the problem of child poverty. The campaign has four upcoming Regional Policy Workshops, where community [...]

Jun 182014

Madonna sang it, so it’s got to be spot-on: “Music makes the people come together.” Madonna’s Music may be about people coming together to party, but I do think music can move and motivate the masses to take more beneficial actions (not that we don’t need some fun in our lives), such as, for example, [...]

May 272014

Ya’ll come on out! Dave Cooper with Mountain Justice shares the following information: Mountain Justice Summer Camp and Supermoon Music Festival June 14-22 on top of Pine Mountain in eastern Kentucky The 10th Annual Mountain Justice Summer Camp is scheduled for June 14-22 on top of beautiful Pine Mountain in eastern Kentucky near Whitesburg. Registration [...]

Nov 232013

As mentioned in the news, OVEC and other environmental groups are troubled by the potential impacts of the proposed cracker plant in Wood County, W. Va. on both air and water quality, just as we are troubled by the gas fracking process as a whole. Another troubling aspect of this proposal is the potential for [...]

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Aug 132013

Guest Blog by Energy Efficient West Virginia Today the West Virginia Public Service Commission held a hearing to review Appalachian Power’s energy efficiency programs for the past year and evaluate their plans for 2014.  Intervening parties include Energy Efficient West Virginia. Appalachian Power will present a couple new pilot programs and they will continue to [...]

Aug 132013

From Southern West Virginia to Detroit, there is a corporate attack happening on working people’s pensions and benefits. While we hold out hope for a good settlement between the UMWA and Patriot Coal, there was no reason for this situation. Promises were made in exchange for hard work from these miners, and these promises should be [...]

Aug 52013

  Thanks to the Post Carbon Institute (PCI; like them on Facebook here), OVEC is in the midst of distributing more than 250 copies of the large-format book ENERGY: Overdevelopment and the Delusion of Endless Growth. Organizationally, OVEC has partnered with PCI in their Energy Reality Campaign, a national effort to increase energy literacy, with [...]

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Jun 202012

Below is a statement from the Non-govermental Organizations (NGOs) attending the Rio+20 UN Conference on Sustainable Development.  Much frustration exists among ordinary people here over the fact that that 20 nations are deciding the fate of 195. Many have been saying that the current document is taking steps backwards from the agreement reach in Rio [...]

Jun 202012

OVEC Executive Director Janet Keating is attending the Rio+20 Earth Summit, going on now in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Keating will present before a panel titled “Organizing for Change: Women’s Tribunals as Civil Society Advocacy.” She’ll present findings from the Central Appalachian Women’s Tribunal on Climate Justice, which was held May 10 in Charleston, W. [...]

Jun 82012

Although my high school days are long gone, one lesson from a biology class stays with me. Warnings from scientists like this underscore the importance of that lesson. We students conducted an experiment where we inoculated an agar-filled Petri dish with a microorganism. The agar supplied the needs of this microorganism. Each day we used [...]