Nov 92014

This Holiday Season, OVEC is having a fire sale. Seriously. It’s a guitar sale that resulted from an unfortunate house fire. Thankfully the homeowners escaped injury, but most of their possessions did not—except for some beautiful handmade guitars. Thanks to Paul Epstein and Rita Ray you can hear how each one sounds here. If you […]

Nov 62014

A story in news headline-links: Unofficial Voter Turnout In WV Tuesday Estimated At 37.3 Percent Nationwide, Actual election turnout far lower than reported (Too late this time, but: 5 Ways Life in America Would Be Better if Everyone Voted) Why Democrats lost As the Climate Changes, Voters (those who did come out to vote) Go for Coal […]

Nov 32014

  If you haven’t voted yet, then be sure to get out and vote tomorrow. If you don’t know candidates feel on issues that matter to you, then see if VoteEasy can help you out. If you are a student, then get out and vote. If you are a woman, then get out and vote. If […]

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Oct 302014

Debunking the misleading claims of the oil and gas industry  Dr. Randi Pokladnik and her husband Joel are long-time OVEC members. Randi is from eastern Ohio and has lived for 59 years in the strip-mined coal counties of Jefferson and Harrison. Unfortunately, deep shale gas fracking activities have become the latest way to destroy these […]

Oct 302014

West Virginia’s major water sources, like the Kanawha River, have had the highest rate of reproductive toxins that can lead to birth defects and reproductive disorders in the country. That’s just one reason why OVEC has partnered with WV FREE and other groups for the #changethecurrent campaign. Without adequate safe water regulations and requirements, West […]

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Oct 142014

In August, I visited Doddridge County, WV. The undulating green hills, the well-kept modest houses nestled in narrow valleys accessed by winding gravel roads, the hillside farms with their barns, outbuilding, and pastures of cattle, all spoke to me of childhood circa 1970. A two-story white farmhouse with wide front porches upstairs and down could […]

Oct 72014

On September 21, I had the privilege to attend the People’s Climate March in New York City, where more than 400,000 people of all backgrounds came together for the world’s largest march related to climate change. I went there unsure if this action could affect real change at the United Nations, which was the focus of […]

Sep 172014

Count OVEC members and other Appalachians among the tens of thousands of people gearing up for the September 21 People’s Climate March in New York City. No matter where you are, you can support the marchers via social media.  If you are on Twitter be sure to follow and RT tweets from @CJAOurPower @GGJalliance and of course @OVEC_WV. Hashtags for the march […]

Sep 42014

Update: Our registration page is finally live. Click here to register online. Please plan to join us on October 3–4 for Wellness and Water III. For the third year in a row, people concerned about health issues in communities adversely affected by water pollution will gather to share experiences and knowledge and to explore solutions. […]