ACHE Act: Please call Senator Rockefeller

Dust from blasting at mountaintop removal sites pollutes nearby communities – just one of the ways mountaintop removal harms human health.
Photo by Vivian Stockman.
Flyover courtesy

Please call Senator Jay Rockefeller at 202-224-6472 to let him know that we all support his standing up to the coal industry.

Let him know that this is an excellent time for him to talk about the very real health impacts of mountaintop removal coal mining on every generation of people, past, present and future.  Ask him to urge the West Virginia House of House of Representatives to  support the ACHE Act.  This is a House bill with no Senate counterpart, yet.  Senator Rockefeller could pressure Congresspeople Rahall, McKinley and Capito to support the ACHE Act while working to draft and sponsor an equivalent bill in the Senate. Such a bill would declare an immediate moratorium on mountaintop removal mining, evaluate the health problems citizens face because of mountaintop removal coal mining, and report the results of such studies to Congress.

Now is the time to stand strong!  The coal industry needs to see it cannot get by with continuing to harm us in our homes.

Check out this podcast to learn more about mountaintop removal’s effects on human health and the ACHE Act.


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